Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

The Lion sleeps.

Debbie and Myron Came to Visit

On a gorgeous Seattle day, no less. They were in town from Chicago after taking an Alaskan cruise, so they hopped on the light rail and met us in Columbia City.

We arrived early to grab a snack at the bakery before walking up to the light rail.

Outside Columbia City Bakery, enjoying a taste of summer.

The weather coupled with the explosion of flower gardens and wildflowers along the side of the road made it one of those gorgeous days that showcases Seattle at its finest.

Waiting for Debbie and Myron’s train to arrive, I caught sight of the most unique and beautiful poppy.

When their train pulled in, Debbie stepped from the doors holding a fresh, vibrant armful of wildflowers from Pike Place. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of them, but they enjoyed a prominent spot on our mantle for a week.

After hanging out on our deck for a while, we drove to Seward Park and walked the interior paths, chatting away like the old friends we are, despite having met when I was in graduate school and Debbie was my professor. Fortunately Myron and Dominic hit it off, so it was a pleasant mini hike amidst the fern and moss-covered jungle.

Last stop: Bent Burger. It was the perfect day to sit at their comics-covered tables on the outdoor patio.

Ultimately, the visit was way too short, but all of these little visits remind me of why we moved to Seattle in the first place.

My Sister Came to Visit and All I have is this Photo

Standing around outside Molly Moon’s.

Amanda and Adam drove to Seattle for a Pink Floyd concert and stopped to see us. We met up with Dominic downtown (can you tell he came from work?) and walked the market before eating dinner at Pike Place Brewery and wandering over to Molly Moon’s for dessert.

They got to see our place on the water, but the visit was brief. Can’t wait to see you again soon!

Where I’ve Been: Elliott Bay Book Company

For my birthday, my future father-in-law gave me a generous gift card to my favorite bookstore: Elliott Bay Books.

Here’s what he actually gave me on a sunny day in May…

Brunch at Oddfellows.

Book loot. Two more are missing.

Salted caramel from Molly Moon’s.

I enjoyed my day so immensely that I made sure I still had a decent amount of money left on the gift card. For now, I’ll savor this day. Next month, I’ll do it all again.

Where I’ve Been: Magnuson Dog Park

Another Seattle first for me, I spent a lovely Sunday morning with my friend Sabrina and her dog, Olive, at Seattle’s favorite (and I think, largest) dog park. Olive had a blast, especially after we left the small-dog area and took her down the off-leash path to the water.

Great day to be a dog.

Olive (center) takes a dip – she absolutely loves the water.